Our First Contest For Creatives And Crafters: Enter To Win $1,000

It has been almost a year since the COVID-19 outbreak and a year since we decided not to let circumstances affect our business goals. We created InfoDepot to be a place that will perpetually create new opportunities for anyone interested in sharing knowledge and we intend to keep that promise.

This is why we are so happy to announce that we decided to run the very first video contest for creatives and crafters, starting April 19th! The contest is open to all teachers, infopreneurs, and content creators willing to share their best tutorials and video lessons. The most successful teacher will win $1,000 in cash. 

Why did we start this video contest?

We wanted to create equal opportunities for any teacher, tutor, or infopreneur out there to use the knowledge they have and make the best out of the situation we are all in. 

We definitely want to inspire people to get started with their content creation journeys, if they haven’t already, but we also want to introduce the platform to new users and to have some fun with the process.  

Janine Dorsett, CEO of InfoDepot

Aside from COVID – 19, eLearning is the future of learning in general, which is why building a learning community is a perfect first step to start with for any online teacher out there. We want to offer them a chance to show us what they love to teach and how supportive our learning community can be. 

infodepot contest for creatives and crafters

It is so simple if you have the knowledge and desire to teach, and we have a platform to support your talent and efforts. Why won’t we make the best out of it? 

 How can you enter the contest? 

To enter the competition the first step is to join InfoDepot as a teacher. Registration is free and simple. Next, you need to upload at least 2 video tutorials on any topic you choose. Don’t miss out to check the official rules and regulations of the contest for more details. 

Also, if you are new to online teaching – don’t be afraid to come up with a topic you want to teach and record a video. It can be crafts, cooking, design, technology, or anything you want. 

Collect points to win the $1,000 cash prize 

Rules for calculating points are simple as well. Each video you submit will bring 5 points, meaning that you’ll get 10 points automatically by uploading 2 videos. Every student who enrolls brings you 1 point. The more students you have – the more points you will get. The goal is to get as many points (total sum of points from videos and students) as possible to win the competition.

We want a fair and transparent contest

Every Monday we will update the blog post with the current leaderboard ensuring that everything is transparently presented. You will be able to check the leaderboard on our blog and social media to know how many points each participant has. Also, you’ll know how many more points you need to be a step closer to a prize of $1,000. 

infodepot contest for creatives and crafters

Also, on your Teacher dashboard, you’ll be able to check how many students did take your classes and keep track of your points all the way through.

Each point is valuable and you can collect them until the last day, which is May 19th. We will close the contest at midnight. Use the time to share your videos with your network, friends, family, and colleagues. Keep promoting your video tutorials while the contest lasts to get as many students as possible.

 We like things to be uncomplicated. The contest is straightforward — in short, the more videos you add to the platform and the more students you register for your classes the more points you accumulate.  The person with the most points at the end of the contest wins the prize!

Janine Dorsett, CEO of InfoDepot

We will announce the winner of our first contest for creatives and crafters on Monday, May 24th on our blog and social media profiles. 

Good luck! 


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