Contest For Creatives & Crafters – Weekly Progress Bar


Every Monday we will update this blog post with the current leaderboard ensuring that everything is transparently presented.

Also, on your Teacher dashboard, you’ll be able to check how many students did take your classes and keep track of your points all the way through.

video contest for creatives&crafters

These are the current rankings of the contest participants

Jessica Sanders 27 POINTS

Casey Renee 16 POINTS

Silvia T 16 POINTS

Karly Kenyon 14 POINTS

Jordan Thibodeau 10 POINTS

Let’s quickly recap how you can collect the points in order to win the $1,000 prize.

  • Each video you submit will bring 5 points, meaning that you’ll get 10 points automatically by uploading 2 videos. Every student who enrolls brings you 1 point.
  • The more students you have – the more points you will get. The goal is to get as many points (total sum of points from videos and students) as possible to win the competition.

We will run the contest until May 19th! Don’t forget to share your classes to reach more students! Good luck!


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