Meet Jessica Sanders – The Winner Of Our First Video Contest

We are so happy to present to you Jessica Sanders, an online content creator and a teacher who recently won our first video contest for creatives and crafters. Jessica is a Texas-based artist with a focus on watercolor and mixed media art and for a while a dedicated online teacher.

We are glad that we had a chance to award Jessica’s amazing work and support her art journey and her online teaching career. We love her video classes and style of teaching and we believe you will love them too!

Her video classes will help anyone interested in watercolor painting get the necessary skills and knowledge to start and create great paintings. Don’t miss out to try out the Loose & Sketchy Watercolor Poppy video class!

Like every online teacher, Jessica also has an interesting story behind her art and about her beginnings, which we were eager to share with you. Let’s find out more about our first video contest winner.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Did you always know you are going to be an artist?

As a child, I dreamed big dreams of becoming an astronaut, or an architect, or maybe even president. Art was not on my radar. I made art for fun with family members, but I didn’t know a person could even BE an artist. When I decided to take up a hobby as an adult, there was a moment – a special moment – when I knew. In that moment, when I recognized the excitement and joy I felt with every stroke of the paintbrush, I knew I was an artist at heart.

Why watercolor? Do you have other artistic preferences?

I love all things art, but most especially, watercolor. To me, watercolor is a magical medium. It has a mind of its own, and you can only coax it and encourage it to behave! I adore that! Watercolor is a world of happy surprises. I also love how light can be captured with watercolor. I think watercolor may be the only medium that allows us to paint ordinary things in an extraordinary way.

video contest winner

How did you get into online teaching?

It’s a funny thing – one of my friends encouraged me to try it. I did, and much to my surprise, I loved it! I’ve never turned back!

What motivated/inspired you to become an online teacher?

As an online art teacher, it’s an amazing experience to help students around the world learn to paint. My favorite thing about it is sharing the joy a person can experience in the simple act of putting paint on paper.

Are there any interesting stories about getting your first students?

My very first students were my family members! Yep, they let me practice on them. Fortunately, they were very kind in their critiques. 🙂

What is the one thing you learned from your students?

That joy is contagious! In my early classes, I was unsure about my message. I was just painting and teaching the steps of how to paint. When the painting would surprise me, I didn’t edit it out. I left that as part of the class. One thing my students started saying to me was how much they were inspired by those happy moments. It made them happy and inspired them to try new things!

video contest winner

Many people have great potential to share their skills and knowledge, however they either fear to make the first step or lack motivation. What is your advice or motivational message for them or for anyone thinking about becoming an online teacher?

Teaching art online has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. But, I didn’t start out feeling that way. When I started, I was nervous, worried that I didn’t have the right equipment, afraid I wasn’t good enough..the list goes on. We all feel that way before we start. But, if you have considered teaching online, whether it’s art or something else, know that there is someone out there who needs what you have, and they need to learn it from you. We each have a unique perspective – no one can do what you do the way you do it. So, take that first step, and then the next, and the next – and pretty soon, you’ll look back and be glad that you did!

How is it to be a video contest winner? What does this award mean to you?

Wow!! WOW! I am super excited to win! This is a big prize! I’m trying to decide the best way to use it – there are so many options. I can upgrade my tech equipment, use it to do some travel painting, or perhaps try out some new art supplies. The cool thing is, no matter what it goes toward, I can share that with my lovely followers and students.

What do you like about InfoDepot?

First, I would like to say that the team at InfoDepot is great! They have been super helpful and kind. They have answered all of my questions promptly and with a personal touch. Thank you, InfoDepot Team, for making my experience as an online art teacher a happy one. 

As for InfoDepot as a learning platform, I love how simple it is to use. It’s easy to navigate and find exactly what you are looking for. There are a variety of classes, and more all the time, as the platform is growing!

Once again, congratulations to our first video contest winner! Be sure to check out all Jessica’s video classes and enjoy wonderful watercolor teaching. 


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