3 Key Benefits Of Online Tutoring Without Video

The online teaching and tutoring industry is changing every day. What was popular and sensibile before - isn’t any longer and the other way around. But these changes aren’t necessarily bad - many of them helped pave a way for some new types of teaching and learning which are much more suited for the needs of the modern-day teachers and learners.

One of these changes that promotes a completely new way of both teaching and learning is online tutoring without video. As you are probably aware, online tutoring, in general, has been gaining momentum in recent years due to its cost-effectiveness and adaptability.

People all around the world started finding peers and teachers that can help them improve by creating a special learning plan that suits their needs.

In this way, both teachers and students are able to follow their progress, improve their skills, and gain valuable feedback for everything they do. Thus, making online tutoring one of the most valuable teaching and learning methods out there.

How did online tutoring without video come to prominence?

As we already mentioned, online tutoring is a well-known technique for years now. Still, it always included a video camera – both the teacher and the student had to have one. This created a number of problems because not everyone was able to get one or was comfortable enough to use one.

online tutoring without video

In addition to this, for some teaching topics, it was more beneficial to focus on what the students are saying than to organize a video lesson. This created an opportunity for a completely new teaching method – online tutoring without video. It gives students classes that are just as good as those with video but without forcing them to record themselves.

So what are the main benefits of online tutoring without video for teachers?

#1 No need for fancy equipment

When you are working as an online tutor and you use video in your classes, you have to make sure that your recording equipment is top-notch. This is because students expect to see and hear you clearly without any interruptions. However, this type of equipment is not cheap, especially if you are only starting out as an online tutor.

By opting for online tutoring without video you will save up a significant amount of money. It is the same one you would otherwise have to spend on recording equipment. This will give you an opportunity to earn from the very beginning. Moreover, you won’t have to invest money before you even start.

#2 Privacy is protected

If you are an online tutor already, privacy isn’t something you probably think about that much. Students have to know who you are and you are used to being recorded. But not everyone is comfortable with such an invasion of privacy.

By opting for online tutoring without video, many teachers protect their privacy as much as possible. Students will not be able to see you so you will not have to worry about being recorded without your permission.

online tutoring without video

#3 Some classes are more suitable for this type of tutoring

Online tutoring with video classes is obviously a great way to teach. However, it is not always suitable for every type of lesson. Take for example language lessons. If you are a native speaker, you want to pay close attention to what your students are saying and their pronunciation, not how they look. Especially since video can sometimes slow down certain segments of speech or you may even fail to hear important information.

By opting for online tutoring without video, it is easier to focus on your students’ progress. You can track every parameter you find important which makes it easier to plan your future lessons.

Why join InfoDepot as an online tutor?

If you are on the lookout for the right teaching platform that offers online tutoring without video, InfoDepot is the right place for you.

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1) Your contact information remains private and secure – InfoDepot takes great pride in making sure your contact details remain private and secure.

This means that students will not know your phone number and vice versa – you will not know theirs. In this way, your sensitive data remains your own. You will not have to worry about someone contacting or harassing you when you are not teaching.

2) You decide when you want to teach – There is no need to be available all day every day for your students. Find a perfect balance between teaching and having free time and set up your availability.

When you set up your work hours, the InfoDepot students will be able to get in touch with you only when you are available for teaching.

3) You set up the price of your tutoring classes – Not every skill and expertise have the same price which is why on InfoDepot you are in charge of setting up the price of your live calls.

Depending on the topic, your expertise and the time necessary to complete your online tutoring call, you can decide how much you want to charge.

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