Why Are We Celebrating World Teachers’ Day?

Do you know why people across the world celebrate teachers, education and learning?

5th of October is a day dedicated to celebrating educators and all that they do. We have all had that teacher. The one that inspired us. The one that encouraged us to ask questions, discuss topics and research. The one that affected our choices of subject for university. The one that helped us get where we are today. The one that made learning fun. 

What is World Teachers Day?

These teachers deserve to be celebrated, which is part of the reason that the autumnal date of October 5th is dedicated to World Teachers Day. It also celebrates the introduction of the 1966 ILO/ UNESCO Recommendation concerning the status of teachers, which acknowledged the contribution of teachers to modern society and declared education as a fundamental human right.

The recommendation also devised standards for teacher recruitment, initial training, working conditions and their employment.

How is World Teachers’ Day celebrated?

World Teachers Day consists of a week of virtual meetings, events and webinars. There is also a theme every year, for instance in 2017 the theme was Empowering Teachers. In 2020, it is Teachers Leading in Crisis: Reimagining the Future

It is undeniable that teachers have been under a huge strain during the unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic, rushing to set up virtual classrooms, produce digital content, re-design lessons and ensure that all students are being supported adequately. Their heroic activities since the lockdown was imposed have been incredible and must be recognized, so much so that in the UK, teachers have been granted a pay rise with a 4% overall increase in funding for schools.

Whilst the virtual meetings tend to discuss issues central to the theme, they also allow teachers to share their stories, experiences and achievements. 

There will be an opening ceremony, in which the ‘UNESCO Hamdan Prize for the Effectiveness of Teachers’ will be awarded and a closing ceremony at the end of the week to mark the end of the celebration.

World Teachers' Day 2020 celebration

For Students

As a student, you can celebrate World Teachers Day by joining the virtual events, listening and learning about what it means to be a teacher and appreciating what your teachers and education has done for you. You can also let the teachers that inspired you know how they have affected your life in a positive way. You can do this in any form, a video, a painting, a piece of music or a poem. Keep that creativity that your teachers have encouraged alive. 

You could also surprise your teacher with a gift, anything to make them feel special.

But what would truly make a difference is your support to the teachers as they move their classes online. As the livelihood of many teachers is threatened by the current situation, you can join online learning platforms such as InfoDepot and purchase a class that interests you from any teacher. These classes are not expensive (many of them are free on InfoDepot), so by taking a short class and leaving a helpful review or a word of encouragement to these teachers, you will directly help them and show that you want to make a difference during these unprecedented times.

For Teachers

To celebrate as a teacher you can tell your story, congratulate students on their achievements, discuss your favorite aspects of teaching and students that have inspired you. Really think about why you became a teacher, and share it with those who wish to celebrate this day.

Participate in World Teachers Day and be recognized for who you are and what you do. 

You can also show that you care for your students by creating a short online class, perhaps even for free. This is how you will motivate your students to keep on learning, even though the pandemic has changed the way you teach. By using platforms such as InfoDepot, where you can create and account for free and post your educational content, you can reach students across the world that are equally affected by the virus. So why not use the World Teachers Day to celebrate the new way of learning with an online class you created?

Give Support to Educators in the Future

If you want to do more for teachers and education, whether you are a teacher or a student, you can help to support educators by donating to organisations such as DonorsChoose.org, TeachFirst, and CommonLit

Smiling online teacher

Why is World Teachers Day Important?

We must celebrate World Teachers Day to recognize the ongoing battles and struggles that teachers are facing. This year, teachers are leading the way into a new type of classroom that has not yet been created. This deserves recognition and also initiates discussions which aim to improve, optimize and support the methods that teachers are adopting to overcome the problems that they experience.

Surveys suggest that teachers are one of the most important careers in society, yet this is not reflected in the salary that they receive. The most common reason that teachers leave the field of education is due to the low salary. Around 33% of teachers leave the profession within the first 3 years, with 46% leaving within 5. World Teachers Day is hugely important to show teachers that they are appreciated, encourage more individuals to become teachers and raise awareness about the problems within the field. Change may be initiated because of the discussions and support that teachers receive on this day of celebration. 

InfoDepot celebrates teachers

As a teaching and learning platform, InfoDepot takes pride in helping teachers across the world share their knowledge and expertise. We are very grateful for each and every teacher out there helping learners in these uncertain times – you are real heroes!

This is why we are working on preparing interesting giveaways and contests to mark the World Teachers Day. 

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