Our New 1 On 1 Tutoring Video Call Feature Opens New Opportunities For Any Content Creator

Online teaching has become increasingly popular with numbers predicted only to rise. More and more teachers are actively participating in teaching online, with many who are planning to do that in the future.

Students are exploring the endless possibilities of online learning including 1 on 1 tutoring, developing the needs and desires which can be seen in the ways that they use online learning platforms. They are seeking prompt, easy to use platforms and engaging video classes, but also experienced and extroverted educators with whom they can connect on a deeper level, have fun and learn.  

We have carefully observed the needs of both students and teachers and we can now proudly present you a newly developed, live 1 on 1 tutoring video call feature. 

This is a Skype-like feature that allows any content creator to offer live video tutoring or teaching in hours when they are available, and students to have their private classroom for interactive, more comfortable, and enjoyable learning. 

New 1 on 1 tutoring possibilities for anyone willing to share knowledge and expertise

1 on 1 tutoring

We are proud that we created InfoDepot to help anybody teach what they love and everybody to learn anything regardless of their age or background. Besides professional online teachers and tutors, anyone with a willingness to share knowledge or expertise can engage in live tutoring or teaching. 

Live video calls open up many new possibilities and allow both learners and instructors to interact and achieve deeper, more trustful relationships thus better results. 

What are the benefits of InfoDepot’s live peer to peer video classes? 

#1 Teaching and tutoring hours that fit your schedule 

We know how busy life can be. Work, family, friends – we understand that it takes superhuman powers to fit everything into 24 hours. This is why we wanted to ensure a relaxing and creative working atmosphere that allows anyone to use their desired teaching methods and organize their time in the best way possible. 

The live tutoring video calls feature gives the flexibility that allows teachers to select teaching hours that fit into their everyday schedule. There is no need to give up on spending time with friends and family or to get used to the lack of sleep. With the flexible teaching schedule that InfoDepot offers, you can be sure that you will have enough time to do everything you want.

#2 An additional way for earning money on an easy to use platform 

We wanted to make sure anyone can easily and quickly start teaching via live video calls. In a quick sign-in form, teachers can add short descriptions of the topics they tutor or teach. Once they create a profile they can proceed to a Teacher Dashboard, a control center where they can create, upload and manage the content on InfoDepot. 

The Teacher Dashboard has a menu that allows teachers to upload videos, but also to set up live tutoring calls and create an online schedule. For each call, they can decide the rate per minute. 

It is a great chance for anyone interested to increase their earnings. Anyone who joins InfoDepot as a teacher can set the schedule for both live phone tutoring and live video calls.

#3 New career and business opportunities 

Any educator, content creator, expert, teacher, or any other person willing to share their knowledge can use live 1 on 1 tutoring video calls to expand their business or career goals. 

 This will give you an extra way to monetize your skills without putting pressure on your everyday life. You will not have to spend hours preparing for live tutoring calls – all you need is your set of teaching skills and you are good to go!

#4 Wide range of what can be thought through 1 on 1 tutoring video calls 

Any content creator, infopreneur, or teacher can create unique 1 on 1 video call classes or tutoring services. From exam preparation and interactive language workshops to therapeutic counseling, any type of tutoring can be offered via InfoDepot’s live video calls.

Just choose a topic you can teach and students can book in for a live tutoring session.

#5 One on one live teaching for the best-personalized learning 

Thanks to the technology we have access to, anyone can utilize online spaces and create attractive learning spots. This is a win-win situation for everyone, teachers can use live video calls to take their teaching to the next level and ensure a more personalized approach that meets the needs of today’s learners, while students can get answers to all the questions they have.

#6 A relaxing and interactive place for learning 

With InfoDepot’s live video calls students can have access to a highly accessible and adaptable way of learning from skilled instructors. The flexibility of the feature allows students to engage in different video classes and types of tutoring (from counseling to supporting), ensuring them a learning place where they can feel comfortable the most.

How does the live video call feature work? 

The Video Call feature is designed to provide a seamless experience, accessible to anyone interested in creating and requesting video calls and classes. 

1 on 1 tutoring
  • To be able to receive calls, tutors need to be signed in on the platform at the time they scheduled their availability. 
  • Once the student sends their request for a call, the connection is immediately established when a tutor or teacher accepts the call.  
  • The video connection works in the same way as Skype. Each participant is able to turn the camera and microphone on or off, as well as share their screen. 
  • Each call has a rate per minute that students pay, and their overall balance depends on the call duration
  • After each call, the student is able to rate the teacher’s lesson and provide feedback. 
  • If there is more than one student waiting for the current call, a queue is formed. Once the teacher finishes with the first caller, they can move onto the next.   

Browse our guides to see more details about video calls. 

Experience the excitement of personalized teaching with 1 on 1 video tutoring calls today! 

We hope you’ll find this new feature a useful tool in enhancing your teaching appetite and career. This could be the most efficient way to build a highly paying side job which you’ll enjoy. 

Join our teaching community today and create as many live video call lessons or tutoring sessions as you like. Embark on a journey that will provide you with a flexible and relaxing working atmosphere! 

If you need any support on how to start tutoring with our new feature, send us an email at hello@infodepot.com.


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