InfoDepot Interview With Yoga Teacher Regina: Allow Yourself The Experience Of Being Great!

From the first moment InfoDepot went out digitally, we knew that our community of teachers needed to have something different. We are now certain that all of our teachers own that special something - a spark, a special drive that allows them to share their knowledge and time so generously.

Regina is a strategy and marketing consultant, entrepreneur, community advocate, wellness aficionado, and yoga instructor. The fullness of Regina’s life didn’t stop her inner aspiration towards the practice of yoga and including more mindfulness within her days many years ago.

We are so glad to have her on board as a yoga teacher! We wanted to take some time to find out how she feels about teaching yoga with InfoDepot.

Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you become a yoga instructor? 

I became a yoga instructor 10 years ago, as I love the balance and focus that comes with a concerted practice. It really creates space for infinite growth in all areas of life. I had the desire to deepen my own practice & eventually share such needed mindfulness with others, as it makes a world of difference in so many aspects of the world we all reside within today.

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What inspired you to become an online yoga teacher?

Due to the pandemic, classes that were originally taking place in person, transitioned online, which was surprising to everyone, although at this point it’s pretty smooth sailing. I look to teach in outdoor spaces as often as possible as well, as most classes are still virtual.
As we’re all moving through our days and weeks, we could use a bit of self-care in the form of mindfulness practice such as meditation, yoga, running, etc… For me, yoga was a great addition to bring that balance. I knew at some point in time I wanted to teach and share the practice with others, and I’ve enjoyed doing so for 10 years thus far.

What is the one thing you learned from your students? 

Yoga does create community. Even though everyone is practicing virtually, for the most part, these days, the community is still being fostered through these online portals. It has always proven to be that way with in-person classes and seems to also happen virtually. Students are still chatting, looking forward to seeing each other, practicing together, and connecting. Mindfulness practices are really wonderful & beneficial to incorporate when and where you can within your lives.

Many fear to make the first step or lack motivation. What is your advice or motivational message for anyone thinking about becoming an online yoga teacher? 

Fear is just a word when you think about it. Let go, take the leap. You’re amazing! Life is an experience. Allow yourself the experience of being great! Online teaching allows everyone to still share their gifts in the midst of the pandemic and makes it simple to practice at any time of day as schedules allow.

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What do you like about the InfoDepot platform? What do you like about being an InfoDepot teacher?  

You’re able to share the breadth and depth of your areas of expertise all in one place, which is awesome for multi-faceted lives. It’s great to use online portals such as Info Depot and social outlets that people are engaging with often to further your outreach as an instructor and connect with more students and also share other areas of professional expertise.

Share with us your top 5 books about mindfulness & yoga. 

In terms of books that I would recommend for mindfulness overall and yoga specifically, I would say “As A Man Thinketh”, “As A Woman Thinketh”, “The Miracle of Mindfulness”, “The Four Agreements and “Light on Yoga”.

What book are you reading at the moment? 

Toni Morrison- ‘The Source of Self Regard’. I haven’t had a chance to really get immersed in it as of yet, so as I have time, I am reading it. She’s amazing!

Check out Regina’s videos and enjoy a full yoga experience at your home. 


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