InfoDepot Interview With Crochet Teacher Rasa Glasaite: Unique Pronunciation Is Not A Reason To Stop Teaching

We love how our community grows unstoppably allowing us to meet so many outstanding crochet teachers with outspoken stories behind them.

The modesty, love, and true devotion towards what they teach inspire us every time. The effort they are making on our platform draws nothing but admiration and respect from our side. 

Simply said, they are the driving force behind InfoDepot and what makes this platform so special. We are giving space to real people, real efforts, and unconditional love people have with teaching. 

From the moment we met Rasa, a crochet teacher, and manufacturer we were certain that she would be a valuable member of our community. Her devotion and unconditional love spark every time she speaks about crocheting. 

Even though she finds it hard to teach in a language that is not her mother tongue, she endured, getting better by each lesson. 

Now she’s a full-time crochet teacher and heartfully crochet lover. This is her story. 

Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you get into crochet? 

I learned to crochet when I was a little girl and my precious mother taught me to start a simple crochet chain. Later I continued to gain skills, learning from my mother, and also I had a few crochet projects at school. When I was a teenager, I was more interested in jewelry making and beading. I wanted to have unique accessories that no other girl would wear, so I learned everything by myself using any information that I found on the internet. Finally, about 6 years ago, I decided to start my online business of handmade accessories. I wanted to connect old crochet traditions with modern jewelry-making ideas. I have the vision to show others that crochet accessories can be trendy and stylish and that there is so much creativity in making them. 

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What inspired you to become an online crochet teacher? 

I think that the most important reason is to share my knowledge and experience because not everyone has a mother who can teach to make crafts like in my situation. So sometimes only the teacher can help to learn something new. And also my own experience when I was learning jewelry making myself, it was really not easy to do without help, only using text information or images from the internet.

What do you remember about recording your first video as a crochet teacher? Are there any interesting stories about getting your first students?

I remember how much time and effort I put into my first video! I wanted to make it perfect but as I see now with every video I create there is always a place for improvement. My biggest challenges were light and my voice. Now in my country is winter and it is so dark even in the daytime so it was not easy to record a good quality video. And I made a video with my recorded voice for the first time!

After uploading my first video I got a really nice comment from one student with several questions about how to do everything step by step. It encouraged me to make more informative content and of course, I enjoyed nice words and feedback that moved me to create more lessons. 

How do you come up with topics for videos/classes in general? Is learners’ feedback valuable for generating new ideas?

The first lessons were really made based on my own opinion. I always pick the handmade things that are most beautiful for me so I think they could be interesting for others to try to make by themselves. Later when I got a review and comments from students it became easier to understand what information is missing in my videos and what topics are more interesting. For example after questions about the crochet pattern that I used I understand that it might be useful to attach an image with a pattern to the lesson and make my video slower to see a detailed view of what I am doing.

What is one thing you learned from your students? 

The right attitude towards learning. Sometimes people forget to learn after they finish school. So I am really impressed with people who try to learn something new. And I really learn new things as a teacher too!

What is the one thing you would like to teach your students? 

Never give up. Learning is not always easy but if we are patient and keep trying with hard work we can learn everything we want!

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What is your advice for other crochet teachers who would like to start teaching online? 

I would say, if you really want to teach, don’t overthink and start your first video. I tend to be a perfectionist, so I was worried about many things that might not be perfect at first. For example, I am from a small country in Europe and I am not a native English speaker. So I make grammar mistakes and I have a very unique pronunciation but this is not a reason to stop. Now I understand that with every new lesson, I can improve as a teacher and also learn something new myself. It gives me valuable experiences and a nice time while creating my video lessons. 

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What do you like about the InfoDepot platform, and why did you choose it for your video classes?

I like InfoDepot because this platform is very easy to use. There are students and teachers from many countries and there are so many topics that you can choose to teach and learn. I think it is perfect for me because this platform is new like I am a new teacher so we can grow together. Also, I am thankful for the idea of teaching online because before discovering InfoDepot, I was just a happy handmade creator and now I am so excited that I can teach others and share my experience. I hope to meet many students here who would like to do something handmade. 

Start learning today! 

Be sure to check out Rasa’s latest video classes about crocheting. 


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