2020 Is All About DIY: Learn How To Make Unique Christmas Gifts For Everybody

Showing appreciation and love to your family and loved ones is now more important than ever and holidays can be even more special with unique DIY Christmas gifts. Handmade jewelry pieces, beads, or amazing comfy cushions can surprise everybody.

If you haven’t crafted jewelry or anything else before, don’t worry, there are video classes for beginners. The great news is that they are free to watch. 

DIY video class for the patient crafters: Easy embroidered sparkling hairband  

DIY beads and jewelry

With beading embroidery, you can create breathtaking art prices as well as stunning earrings, broaches, or other elements for jewelry. These shiny custom-made pieces can be perfect DIY gifts for any occasion, but especially for Christmas. This is the time for sparkling gifts.

FREE VIDEO CLASS: Learn how to decorate a hairband with different beads and precious stones 

Tip: You can embroider precious stones to add something more meaningful to your gift. Rose quartz disperse the energy of love, while turquoise helps in healing the mind, body. 

Beads embroidery is similar to traditional embroidery as it becomes an important component of the fabric’s structure. Eye-catching patterns and designs can create a wow effect on a texture. Beads may be individually stitched, applied in threaded lengths, or woven into the material.

FREE VIDEO CLASS: Learn how to create your own bracelet and earrings using the peyote stitch technique 

Tip: Use different colors next time to get new jewelry pieces. Stone beads are everlasting.

You can have embroidered beads from seashells, seeds, broken eggshells, or any other colorful discard of nature. There is a whole array of materials you can up-cycle or you can use ready-made stones and crystals already prepared for stitching. In other words, there are beads that are suitable for different occasions, materials, and many styles of embroidery. 

DIY video class for jewelry making newbies: Winter-themed earrings out of polymer clay

DIY Christmas gifts

 Polymer clay is easily accessible and simple to use, soft, and easily manageable. It allows you to make any sort of shapes and colors. You can blend it to make a marble effect or just combine two colors for trendy pieces. 

This type of clay can be molded by hand and cookie cutters but you also can use tools that you already have in the kitchen (knives, roles, etc).  Once you bake the clay, any sort of shape will become firm and solid which is why the clay is also great for making DIY jewelry. 

So, start by imagining a piece of jewelry you wish to make, enjoy the process of making and have fun.  If you need more ideas know that you can also make amazing Christmas ornaments for your Christmas tree or home decoration. 

FREE VIDEO CLASS: Learn how to make these leaf-fall themed earrings 

Tip: You can make tiny stripes and mimic knitted material from which you can make some interesting winter-themed jewelry. 

DIY video class for complete sewing beginners: Make unique cushion case for Christmas 

DIY Christmas gifts

Sewing can be a lot of fun and it can be even better once you become aware of the variety of things you can make. You can learn it at your own pace method. 

Start with sewing a straight line to adding elastic and buttonholes. They are basic and easy and you can learn as you go with projects to work on to help you try each skill. This may take time, but you will start creating great pieces in no time. 

As soon as you become familiar with your sewing machine you can use a simple piece of fabric and sew a cushion case. It is that easy and so cute Christmas present which anybody can make.  Add a cozy touch of color and warmth to your friends or family’s comfortable couch.

What you need are basic sewing supplies such as rulers, scissors, pins, thread, a sewing machine, and possibly a quick video lesson.

FREE VIDEO CLASS: Learn how to make a cushion case from scratch!

Tip: You can use basic materials such as linen to print some winter-themed applications or just add pom poms for an amazing effect and wonderful Christmas gift. 

Let’s shimmer this Christmas season with love and kindness! 

It is the best time to slow down and enjoy the simple things. Making meaningful DIY Christmas gifts, and sharing love and good thoughts with your loved ones can make this holiday magical.


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