Why Teach Online? 10 Reasons to Become an Online Teacher or a Virtual Tutor

If you have a skill, any type of skill or knowledge about any type of subject, you could start teaching online today.

Becoming an online teacher can be hugely rewarding. It gives you the chance to share your knowledge worldwide whilst improving your teaching skills as a result of feedback from students. You can earn money doing what you love from the comfort of your own home, or even teach virtually part-time in addition to your daytime job. So, if you wonder why teach online, here is what you should know.

64% of survey respondents have begun teaching online” 

Online education is growing rapidly. Undergraduate participation in virtual learning in 2020 has grown to 34.5% in comparison with 16% in 2003-2004. This demand means that a large number of online teachers will be needed. Join them! 

So, why teach online? Here are 10 reasons why you should become an online teacher and a virtual tutor.

#1 Flexibility

Online teachers can choose when to conduct their lessons, meaning that you could be the coordinator of your own timetable. Rather than a schedule being imposed on you, you can choose the times at which you feel your teaching will best fit into your life or the times. You can choose the time at which you feel your teaching will be the most effective.

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#2 Freedom and comfort

Becoming an online teacher means that you can do what you love from the comfort of your own home. There’s no need to be in a particular teaching room at a certain time for a specific duration. You could provide classes about microbiology directly from your sofa and get paid to do it!

#3 Teach students from all over the world

Arguably one of the best things about being a virtual tutor is the wide range of people that you have the option to meet and teach. You can connect with people from all over the world regardless of location and timezone. These contacts can also be highly useful later on in life.

Statistics show that when it comes to employment, an astounding 95% of applicants were hired for a job due to a connection with an existing employee.

#4 Encourage students to participate

A one-to-one teaching session may bring out particular learners that are less confident in a classroom setting. It also allows them to build their confidence to ask questions, initiate discussions, and to provide answers that could be incorrect. Studies also show that higher confidence levels can also lead to higher academic achievement.

#5 Monetize your knowledge

You could earn around $2000 USD per month if you teach for around 3 hours a day.

Online learning is becoming increasingly sought after, especially during this period of uncertainty.

The Distance Education Enrollment Report revealed that over 6 million students are enrolled in virtual education and to further this, the global e-learning market is expected to reach $315bn by 2025. This high demand means it is likely that you can earn a reasonable wage from becoming an online tutor.

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#6 Motivated students – they have sought teaching for you

Learners at school may not enjoy the subject you teach, whereas those who purchase your classes or reach out to you for online live tutoring lessons are interested in the subject and keen to learn.

This means that teaching is somewhat easier and you can incorporate extra materials that are specifically tailored for the interests of the learner. 

#7 Fulfil your passion to become online teacher

You can share knowledge and help students learn on a wider level with online teaching.

You can have the confidence that the knowledge you impart will help students in the future when it comes to employment, independence and lifelong learning.

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#8 No supervision from senior staff

There is no designated format in which you have to structure your lessons, there is no curriculum or instructions for what kind of topics you must teach, or senior staff monitoring your teaching progress.

You are free to teach in any way that you like, you can choose the topics you would like to cover and tailor your teaching to each student. 

You can be your own boss.

#9 Improve your technical abilities

Technology is the future. We will all need to get to grips with it at some point, why not start now? By becoming an online teacher, you will need to be able to record, edit and upload videos. You will need to be able to organise online calls or live video lessons and learn how to screen-share.

This all sounds very daunting when you first hear it, but it is not that difficult at all! Become an online teacher and master these skills now to update the knowledge that you already have for the future.

#10 Technology can make lessons more engaging

Rather than textbooks and worksheet after worksheet, technology can ensure that your students remain engaged and participate in active learning. You could include games, interesting links, videos, search functions, presentations and animations to facilitate learning. All of this sounds more interesting than a tatty mathematics textbook from 1998. Keep your students engaged with online learning. 

So there you have it. 10 reasons to begin teaching online. If you want to earn money for sharing your knowledge on your terms, whenever and wherever you like whilst knowing that you have helped someone learn something new, why not get started now?

If you’re up for it and wondering how to proceed, keep reading. 

InfoDepot is a virtual online learning platform which allows teachers to create pre-recorded videos and live calls to teach students from different countries and backgrounds regardless of geographical location and time zone.

Subjects that can be taught via InfoDepot include academic topics such as mathematics and physics to hobbies and interests such as baking and gardening.

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There are no limits or restrictions over what you can teach. Learners are permitted to explore anything that interests them.

You can sign up and start your teaching journey today. 

Share your expertise, share your skills and earn money while doing so!


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