8 Ways Online Video Teaching Empowers Lifelong Learners

Did you know that lifelong learning can minimise feelings of loneliness, reduce the likelihood of depression and even prevent dementia? 73% of Americans would describe themselves as lifelong learners, continually striving to add to their knowledge beyond college and exploring new dimensions of life.

Learning can inspire, motivate, and enhance. Online video teaching comes to every device, anywhere, anytime.

Lifelong learning can be hugely beneficial in terms of improving emotional intelligence, self esteem, memory function and a general sense of accomplishment within the self.

Learning can also stimulate new connections and friendships whilst also ensuring the knowledge that you have about your career field aligns with advancing technologies in these rapidly changing job markets.

Learning can make our world a better place. 

Can I continue to be a lifelong learner without leaving my home? 

Of course! Online learning is a new, interesting way of learning which is very different from that which is found in the classroom.

You can reap the same benefits of lifelong learning without leaving the comfort of your sofa by participating in online video tutoring.

online video teaching

Just find a subject (any subject) that you want to learn about, purchase an online class with a teacher who can share their knowledge with you and you’re all set. 

There are two main types of online learning, including pre-recorded video classes which are uploaded to a platform by teachers, and live tutoring calls which can be conducted through internet videos or over the phone.

The days of pen and paper are slowly disappearing. The good thing about online learning is that it automatically incorporates technology! 

Do you have a thirst for knowledge?

Do you want to gain new skills?  Read more about how educators use technology and online video teaching to provoke our thirst for new knowledge.

Read on to explore different ways in which online video teaching can empower lifelong learners.

Multimodal dimensions of learning can improve memory function

School teachers are beginning to use iPad’s to allow students to research and create documents themselves whilst also using quiz apps such as Kahoot (which can be accessed through mobile phones) to inject some fun and competitiveness into their lessons. This type of multidimensional learning can improve attention span, memory function, and ability to digest new knowledge. 

Online learners can take advantage of similar benefits in online lessons.

These benefits can empower lifelong learners in their careers, as frequently using technology in the learning environment allows the advancement of their capabilities within developing job markets.

Learners can connect with people from all over the world

This is not possible with face-to-face teaching. Online tutoring allows the student and the teacher to be entirely geographically separated. 

This allows student exposure to different cultures and ways of life, creating connections that may become useful for them in the future. 64% of Americans also claim that they made new friends during the process of learning something new.

Feedback and reviews allow the continuous improvement of lessons

Online learning platforms typically allow students that participate in the class to give feedback to the teacher and write reviews for the lesson overall.

These can be immediately implemented by the teacher which allows them to rectify the issues and incorporate the improvements for the following class. 

This is something that takes much longer or potentially does not occur at all in conventional learning, therefore through online learning, you have the ability to provide suggestions that you believe will benefit future lifelong learners as well as yourself.

Learners can gain knowledge anytime, anywhere, using any device

E-learning platforms allow learners to choose the topics which interest them, meaning that online tutors are creating content for those who are dedicated and want to learn about the topic they are teaching. It also allows freedom and flexibility for learners to purchase, complete, and repeat the lessons in their own time. 

online video teaching

This is not possible in a school or college environment in that usually once the lesson has been completed, it’s gone. Online learners can access the videos they purchase anytime and indefinitely. This means that they are free to choose where and when they wish to complete the lesson and start learning. 

Students can take charge of their own learning and feed their curiosity

This new dimension of video classes also permits students to discover their passions, interests and curiosities. Learning is not enforced upon them, rather students have their own motivations to learn and explore a variety of disciplines. 

This is highly useful for learners to feel empowered, as it begins to develop their ability to research, try new things and achieve the goals that they set for themselves.

Whether it is to bake the perfect victoria sponge or to become a fluent speaker of Spanish, learners can initiate their learning journey and motivate themselves to continue taking classes until their desires become reality.

Online learning provides the option to enhance learning from a wide range of topics including hobbies as well as education

Schools tend to treat hobbies as something to do in one’s free time, promoting education as the dominant focus of learning. On an online teaching platform, there is a wide range of topics which cover almost every possible interest, from ballet to software developing. 

There is no limit to what you can learn. Whatever topic you would like to explore there is likely to be a class on offer for you to do so. Whilst some classes may be accredited on online learning platforms, there are several parallels between online learning and non-formal learning.

Non-formal learning does not include a syllabus, curriculum or accreditation, but provides lifelong learners with new knowledge from a variety of subjects and topic areas.

Learning can be personalised with live tutoring calls

One-to-one learning is rare, only offered by personal tutors out of school time. Live tutoring calls are online lessons which allow a real-time, direct connection between teacher and student via an online learning platform. 

This type of one-to-one online tutoring is similar to conventional tutoring, yet participants need not be in the same geographical space.

This is a highly focussed, personalised and interactive way of learning which can be extremely beneficial for students, as they receive tailored lessons and have the opportunity to ask questions directly to the teacher. 

Learning in comfort leads to a better concentration and productivity

Students can partake in video classes in the comfort of their own home, rather than a dreary Monday morning in a grey classroom at 9am. This means that they can acquire new skills when they feel healthy, charged and ready to learn. 

online video teaching

Having control over their learning environment, time schedule and location can be greatly empowering for students.

To conclude,

There are numerous benefits of online learning for lifelong learners. These can range from students taking control of their learning environment in a way that works best for them, having the ability to explore new topics that are not available at school and the improvement of memory abilities and self-esteem.

Feed your interests and enjoy the many benefits of online learning. 

Continue practising lifelong learning.

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