InfoDepot Interview With Lilach: A Textile Artist Up Close

Running a creative video platform is a privilege. Besides excitement and joy, we also have a chance to meet so many amazing teachers, artists, and talented people.

We are glad to have Lilach as one of our InfoDepot teachers. Lilach is a self-taught textile artist coming from Israel who loves to experiment with fabrics, sewing, and embroidery. Her creative embroidery tutorials on how you can create unique crafts are available on the InfoDepot platform. 

What we learned from Lilach is that creativity can be available to anyone. To quote her: “Being creative is a gift anyone can partake in, and it has magical powers” and guess what, every single one of us can have a bit of it. 

This is her story.

Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you get into textile art? 

I have been practicing art all my life. I studied visual arts and graphic design. As a child I watched my mom, she sew at home and her textile cupboard always fascinated and enchanted me as a child. I used to go over with my little fingers on her sewing machine and cupboard, exploring the piles of textiles. Much later in life, I found myself drawn back into textiles, and started exploring the medium with sewing first, and then textile became more. It became my canvas and medium, it drew me in to express myself. It felt like home. In a way, I’m collecting my childhood into adulthood through the stitching. I love the softness, the healing, the mending, and the endless possibilities this medium has, and I’m infatuated with patterns.

What inspired you to start teaching online? 

I have been teaching in-person workshops and sessions, spreading my passion. An online portal reached out to me and suggested the idea of online teaching. I grabbed it. I was already leaning towards online education, as a self-taught, and somewhat introverted person.
By that time I already had an online shop in Etsy for some years, and expanding my reach to more people was a magical call. The opportunity to inspire people to be creative was and is a very strong motivation. I totally went for it.

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How did you come up with the first topic about textile and sewing?

Ideas are something that flows easily to me. Usually, it is more the deciding I stumble upon. I wanted something nice, easy, achievable that people can easily relate and relatively easily complete. 

The perfect project in my eyes is the one that opens you up to be creative, without the struggle. One that flows smoothly, and you can enjoy it. I think this is my motto when I teach. I try to make things simple, easy, digestible. Anyone can join, being creative is a gift anyone can partake, and it has magical powers. 

What do you remember about recording your first video? 

When I made my first video I knew nothing about video editing. Literally nothing. I have never even opened a video editing software. But my motivation was so high up I stumbled it through, with my skin and teeth, until I was able to produce the video. I think the first video took me 3.5 months to produce a 16 minutes class.
I was also very shy, and I sometimes stumble when I speak. English is not my mother tongue. It took me about 300 takes (for real) for the opening video of a few sentences. I recorded each sentence in the class about 10-20 times. I wanted to get it right, and I had to overcome my own fears and embarrassment to do so. It took a few more classes to do that. Thereafter, every lesson I made became easier, and I slowly became better at it.  

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Is learners’ feedback valuable for generating new ideas?

Every class I produce comes from a passion to explore, engage, and explain. I love what I do. I love the textiles, the stitching, the patterns.I’m fortunate in a flood of ideas, and I always have them pending, to the next window of time and availability. Learners’ feedback is very valuable! It strengthens and focuses me on what and how should I better approach my next class. I always thrive to become better, learn something new, and share it with others.  

What is one thing you learned from your students? 

Love and a true passion for what you do can spread out and open doors. 

You can become one of the InfoDepot teachers as well!

Or, learn from your favorite textile artist.

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